Next of Kin

Next of Kin

Dawn Brothers, DeWolff, Tim Knol & Friends
  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Start: 20:30
  • Presale: 25,50 (incl. service charge)
  • At the door: 26,-
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Next of Kin is a collaboration of the greatest (Americana) talents in the Netherlands! Dawn Brothers, DeWolff and Tim Knol & Friends, the new generation of young musicians, bring an ode to the authentic roots and Americana as produced by such groups as The Band, Gram Parsons, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt.

Between 1989 and 1994 ten children were born at the wrong time and place somewhere in the Netherlands: actually more than 40 years late and about 7,000 kilometres too far to the east.
Immune to the quirks, whims and trends of their own time – but armed with an extraordinary amount of talent, vision and above all soul – these misfits grew into relatively mature beings, attracted to each other like musical magnets.
Four of them formed the Dawn Brothers. Three of them founded DeWolff. Together with Tim Knol, Merel Sophie and a few obscure Dutch Swampers they slowly but surely infected the entire country with their own version of Dutch Americana virus. What these artists have in common is the irresistible urge to make timeless music – born from an unconditional and deep love for American musical roots, made by human hands, averse to trends and borders.
Common denominator from now on: one band. Next of Kin is a joining of forces of the phenomenal musical powers from these musical superheroes. Wrong time and place? More timeless and up-to-date than ever!

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