Meier-Budjana Group feat. Jimmy Haslip

Meier-Budjana Group feat. Jimmy Haslip

  • Doors open: 19.30
  • Start: 20.30
  • Presale: 24,75 (incl. service charge)
  • At the door: 26,-
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Most people know Nicolas Meier as guitarist of The Jeff Beck Group. For fans of Indo Rock Dewa Budjana needs no introduction. He is one of the stars of Indonesia for quite some time now. His band Gigi has been at the top for 20 years. They sell out all major venues and have sold millions of albums. Both Nicolas and Dewa recently released new albums on Steve Vai’s record label, Favored Nations.

Performances by:

Nicolas Meier

Swiss Nicolas Meier lives and works in England, where he is seen as one of the most original and distinctive jazz guitarists of recent years.
He is mostly known for his participation in The Jeff Beck Group, where he is a brilliant side man for the legendary guitarist.

Dewa Budjana

Dewa Budjana is a guitar virtuoso from Indonesia who is already a living legend with a band history (he played in a number of top ten bands) and has several solo albums to his name. Fairly quickly three consecutive albums appeared on New York’s Moonjune label from Leonardo Pavkovic, who is constantly seeking for intelligent jazz rock. Dewa Budjana’s guitar play is sharp and exciting and with his magnificent compositions and brilliant layered arrangements, he manages to bring jazz rock a step further. Furthermore, he beautifully merges Indonesian music with western jazz rock.