King's X (postponed)


This concert is postponed, we are looking for a new date. We will keep you updated!

King's X (postponed)

  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Start: 20:30
  • At the door: 30,-


These natural born performers are ready to rock once again! King's X combines prog metal, funk and soul with sophisticated vocal arrangements. With their impressive live performances, they opened for Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Scorpions, Pearl Jam and Mötley Crüe during stadium concerts and played at the Woodstock '94 festival.

The roots of King’s X date from 1979 when bassist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill started making music together. Later they met guitarist Ty Tabor and the American rock band King’s X was born. King’s X has been releasing records regularly since 1987, but after “XV” (2008) things went quiet for a while. Mind you, it’s not like these musicians were idle: they kept touring and performing live. But a new album is about to happen anyway. Drummer Jerry Gaskill on this specific topic “It’s been a while since we’ve made a record. During that time, I’ve been thinking, when and if we make a new record, I want it to be the best we can do. I want to believe in it. I want to make it great, whatever it takes. I don’t want to just make another King’s X record. I think and hope that we are in that place. I think and hope it’s time, I’m going do my best. Let’s do this thing.”
Jerry Gaskill – Drums/Vocals
Doug (dUg) Pinnick – Bass/Vocals
Ty Tabor – Guitar/Vocals

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