Heaven 17 (POSTPONED)


This concert is postponed due to the Corona virus. We are looking for a new date We will keep you updated!

Heaven 17 (POSTPONED)

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  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Start: 20:30
  • At the door: 35,-


Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh once formed the basis of The Human League. Even before the breakthrough of said group, they left the band in 1980 to start their own production project: "The British Electric Foundation".

With the synthesizer as the basis, they wanted to make high quality productions. They collaborated with the likes of Tina Turner, Sandie Shaw and Gary Glitter. One of their most successful projects is Heaven 17. In 1983 they scored a big hit with the song ‘Temptation’ from the album “The Luxury Gap”. Heaven 17 is named after a fictional pop group from the novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’, by Anthony Burgess. 35 years after the release of the mega hit ‘Temptation’, these guys are still touring the world. With a full-scale band they will perform all the hits from the era. Highly recommended for fans of synthpop, new wave and disco

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