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Cuby and the Blizzards tribute
  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Start: 20:30
  • Presale: 20,50 (incl. service charge)
  • At the door: 21,-
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Grollo, the only and therefore best Cuby and the Blizzards tribute band in the Netherlands. Not only do they come eerily close to the original musically, these guys could also have lived at Cuby's farm at the time in terms of looks.

Together they share a love for music from the 60s/70s, and that’s how the idea arose to pay tribute. To whom but Cuby and the Blizzards, with whom they feel so related as ‘farm boy’ (Diepenheim, Lemele, Deventer, Zwolle) blues rockers. They already had the appropriate toolbox in terms of instruments. This makes sense since the band consists of members of Tricklebolt, The Grand East, Money and the Man and Boogie Monster. All young bands that draw plenty of inspiration from the time when Harrie Muskee was still a kid himself. The repertoire covers the first ten years of the band, from “Desolation” to “Kid Blue”.

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