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  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Start: 20:30
  • Presale: 31,- (incl. service charge)
  • At the door: 31,50
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The emergence of punk in the 1970s was a big bang caused by intelligent eccentrics. Most of these groundbreaking punks have now given up, but not John Watts, heart and soul of Fischer-Z. He remains outspoken, socially critical and provocative. Watts thinks you're as good as your last achievement, he wants to keep moving and growing.

Fischer-Z is an art-rock/new wave band that is known for sharp but also poetic lyrics. In total, the band’s 42-year career includes 20 albums, more than 3,000 concerts worldwide and more than two million albums sold. Their 1979 debut album “Word Salad” is a cult classic. The album “Going Deaf For a Living” contains the hit single “So Long” whose video clip was shown frequently on MTV. And the most famous album “Red Skies Over Paradise” (1981) is crammed with classics such as “Marliese”. Soon after, Fischer-Z broke up after the band was featured/performed at Pinkpop. After a number of solo projects, Watts breathes new life into Fischer-Z in 1987 with new musicians. With the same passion, they produced a number of adventurous and critically acclaimed albums, the most recent entitled “Swimming in Thunderstorms” (September 2019). It is a versatile album that underlines the greatness of Fischer-Z. Fischer-Z still stands for a wide range of rock, whereas punk and new wave influences are clearly present. John Watts and co still dare to be provocative and contrarian!

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The Arthurs

The music of The Arthurs, hailing from both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, can be described as melodic, dynamic alternative rock, in which shredding electric guitar power is alternated with dreamy, melancholic and psychedelic shoegaze. With influences such as The Doors, Nirvana, The Smiths and Pixies, the band distinguishes itself above all with its own unique sound and style. They took the stage of renowned venues and festivals and the band is known for its tight and energetic live shows. For example, after the release show for new album “Glass” at the Amsterdam venue Cinetol, 3voor12 (Dutch network) wrote that ‘the live show of more than an hour was solid as a rock’ and the attention of Jitters Blog during Westerpop 2019 ‘was pulled straight to the stage. Enjoyable, pure rock. Clean lines with some rough edges. Melodically mixed at full blast. Unique and different from any other’. With the presentation of their brilliant new album “Glass”, The Arthurs ensure an old-fashioned evening of guitar rock!
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