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  • Start: 20:30
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CCC Inc. was formed in 1967, in Amsterdam. At that time the band's repertoire mainly consisted of folk and blues songs. Around 1969 CCC Inc. had it's best-known line-up: Joost Belinfante, violin, vocals; Jaap van Beusekom, banjo, vocals; Ernst Jansz, washboard; Jan Kloos, guitar; Appie Rammers, bass, and Huib Schreurs, mouth organ. In 1970 the band got into the papers when they started a commune in rural Brabant, a Dutch province. In that same year they were one of the few Dutch bands to play the main stage at the legendary Holland Pop Festival in Kralingen, Rotterdam, Holland's answer to Woodstock. CCC did very well in the club circuit in those days and became the house band of no less than three venues: Paradiso, The Milkyway, and The Kosmos.

They were disbanded in 1974 and went underground. But they still got together on an annual basis and did a live show every now and then. These shows were recorded and incorporated in a 12-cd box with all their collected works, which was released on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. At that point CCC Inc. decided to start doing gigs on a regular basis again. And now, after almost 45 years, the band still is “the best folk and americana band in The Netherlands”, according to the Dutch news site For the first time in almost four decades the band released a new album in 2012. And in that same year three members, Ernst Jansz, Jan Hendriks, and Joost Belinfante, did a few reunion concerts with another band they played in from 1978-1984, and sold out the Gelredome stadium in no time….. Want to know more? Just google “Doe Maar”.

CCC Inc. is:
Joost Belinfante – violin, mandolin, mouth organ, vocals.
Jaap van Beusekom – banjo, dobro, autoharp, vocals.
Jan Hendriks – guitar.
Ernst Jansz – washboard, piano, vocals.
Huib Schreurs – mouth organ, concertina, vocals.
Richard Wallenburg – bass.