Film night in honour of the tragic battle of Adrian Borland (The Sound)

On December 5, 1987 the English new wave band The Sound performed, as it turned out, their very last concert at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer. A crowd of 350 people could enjoy the dynamic live reputation of the band, that could compete with contemporaries and style mates Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division and U2, for about 40 minutes. Unfortunately the show came to an abrupt end prematurely. With four more songs to go, birthday-boy and frontman Adrian Borland simply quit and stepped off the stage without a word or explanation. At the time, the crowded tour schedule and lifestyle of the band members were cited as the cause in the local press.

In/During “Walking in the Opposite Direction”, the film about Adrian Borland that had its world premiere in 2016 at the IDFA and can be seen/viewed on 12 September in the Creative Colors hall of Cultuurpodium Boerderij, it becomes clear which demons Borland had to face. The intimate story unfolds through archive material, interviews with band members and music critics, and conversations with his father and girlfriends. Adrian Borland himself tells his own version through his songs. The documentary is the debut of Zoetermeer director Marc Waltman, who also took care of script and editing. Afterwards there is a Q&A with him and producer Jean-Paul van Mierlo from The Hague.

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