Save your ticket, enjoy later

The Dutch government has taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus as much as possible. One of these measures is a ban on concerts throughout the Netherlands until June 1, 2020 and on events and festivals until September 1, 2020. We cannot exclude that concerts will also be banned until September 1, at a later date. That is why we have decided to move forward all planned shows until September 1 as much as possible. We have already been successful in doing so for a large number of events. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, this is not yet valid for all concerts, some have taken a little longer to resolve. Fortunately, we now have clarity on the tickets you purchased. Together with the trade association of music venues and festivals in the Netherlands (VNPF) and associated venues, we support the public campaign “Save your ticket, enjoy later”.


If you are unable to attend a rescheduled concert, or if an event can no longer be moved, we will convert your ticket into a voucher. You can exchange this voucher for another event at Cultuurpodium Boerderij up to 12 months after issuance. The value of your voucher is the original ticket price plus service fees paid. We need some time to realize this technically, but all ticket buyers of cancelled shows will receive an email on this topic within 4 weeks. From then on it is possible to redeem your ticket through a voucher.


Why vouchers?

With “Save your ticket, enjoy later”, the culture and sports industry hopes that ticket buyers visit their favourite venue or event at a later time. This helps to absorb the economic impact of measures related to the Corona virus in the both sectors. This will allow sufficient room for new events in the future. This not only helps organizers, artists and venues, but also the people behind the scenes who make these events possible, such as stage builders, technicians, suppliers, creative people and other employees and self-employed people in the cultural and sports sector.
If you want to know more about the background of this campaign, please watch this NOS video or this fragment of Radar (Dutch consumer TV show).

How does it work?

If an event, for example a performance, competition or concert has been cancelled, you will get a refund – including service and/or reservation costs/fees – in the form of a voucher, a digital credit. How all of this works out in practice may vary per organization. If an event is rescheduled, tickets will remain valid. If you are not able to attend the event at the replacement date, you can request a voucher.
What’s the validity period of my voucher?
Tickets for events to be moved due to the Corona virus remain valid for the rescheduled event, provided that the change occurs within 13 months of the original event. If you end up not using your voucher and the term has expired, you will get your money back.

Can I also get my money back?

As a consumer you have the right to request a refund. Whether the money is refunded depends on whether it is a cancelled or rescheduled event. If the event has been moved, your money can be refunded. If the event is cancelled, you are entitled to a refund up to 3 months after the date on which the event would have taken place. However, this voucher system has been set up for a purpose: cultural institutions may go bankrupt if everyone exercises their right for cash refunds. That is why this scheme also has the support of the Dutch government.