Riverside announced new tour

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Riverside will go back to playing live this year. The band will visit The Boerderij at May 25, 2017.

During “Towards the Blue Horizon Tour” they will play in a new live line-up with a guest guitarist who will make the music sound the way it should, not only because he’s a great musician but, most of all, because he’s got the kind of modesty and humility about him which has always been very important to us on stage.

Additionally, Riverside is going to present a lot of compositions which they have not played live before. The concerts will also be filled with emotions the members haven’t felt before. Together with the fans, the band wants to dive into this and make each composition sound more mighty than ever. Riverside is changed into a different band, more mature, more serious, more experienced. Piotr is gone, but he will always be with the band and Riverside is still a live band. Which they are going to prove soon during our “Towards the Blue Horizon Tour”. Remember, “This is not the end, this is not the time.”

Presale starts Saturday 28 January. More information.